Print yourself motif guide

With our motif guide in hand, you have the opportunity to find just the right mix of motifs, sizes and colours. Print out the guide at home and use it to find the right combination of our poster motifs. With the motif guide, you can also easily build a beautifully composed picture wall. Download the motif guide further down the page.

Brainchild posters motive guide

The motif guide helps you choose the right posters

We have many motifs to choose from and thus many combination options. That is why we have prepared a motif guide that can help you find the right combination of posters for your particular home and style.

With the motif guide, you can build a miniature version of your image wall. Sizes 30×40 cm., 50×70 cm., and 70×100 cm. are scaled proportionally to each other, so you can easily find out which motifs and sizes you want to combine. The guide can be downloaded in 3 different editions:

The motif guide with brass-colored poster frames
The motif guide with poster frames in black painted wood

The motif guide with dark wood poster frames
The motif guide with bright wood poster frames

Anyone can use this guide and it can be used anywhere. Simply print out the guide and you can cut or cut out the motifs and thus easily find a suitable combination of motifs, sizes, colors and frame types by experimenting.

Brass-colored poster frames

Get the motif guide with our brass-colored poster frames.

Download the motif guide

Bright wood poster frames

Download the motif guide with our posters framed in bright wood poster frames.

Download the motif guide

Black painted wood poster frames

Download the motif guide with our posters framed in black painted wood poster frames.

Download the motif guide

Dark wood poster frames

Download the motif guide with our posters framed in dark wood poster frames.

Download the motif guide

Guide to choosing posters

With this motif guide, it will be easier for you to find the right combination of motifs and to try out the different combinations before selecting and buying your new posters. In this way, you avoid both faulty purchases and unnecessary holes in the wall.

For many people, visualizing which poster motifs, sizes, colors and frames will fit best in their particular home, to their wall and to their style can be a bit of a challenge, not forgetting. Therefore, many considerations, thoughts and forces are often put into ending up with just the right composition, as there are many advantages to choosing the right combination. Among other things, the combination itself becomes part of the expression and you have the opportunity to put your personal stamp on the final result. But there are several things to consider such as: poster motif, size, poster frames and color choices.

You can design the composition by laying out the cut images on a table and thus form an impression of how to hang them on the wall. Please take your time to be satisfied with the finished result. With this method, you only make the holes in the wall that are needed. Once you have decided on a composition, you can simply take a picture of the setup and look at it when the holes are to be made in the wall and the posters are hung. Alternatively, you can also use elephant note and test the composition directly on the wall as a miniature version, without drilling holes.

You can download the subject guide at the top of this page and get started right away and find just the right composition for your picture wall with Brainchild posters.

Please note that the colors and quality of the print your home printer makes do not match the posters you receive on purchase. We print our posters on professional machines and exclusive paper, and thus the posters you buy will of course be of much better quality than the ones you print yourself.

The Egg, The Artichoke and The Swan posters from Brainchild

Which poster size should I choose?

With the motif guide you have the opportunity to put together exactly the motifs and sizes you want and visually build your image wall. One of the important considerations is about the size of the poster.

Our posters are available in sizes: A5, 30×40 cm., 50×70 cm. and 70×100 cm.

Choosing just the right poster sizes for your walls can be a challenge. For example, if the size is too small, you run the risk that the poster will not come into its own. This challenge solves the motif guide, as through it you have the opportunity to put together and test different combinations, including the sizes, before making your final decision.

Small posters
The smallest poster size is size A5. This size is suitable both for walls with little space or for image walls, where a more dynamic expression is desired in the combination of different sizes of posters.

Between posters
We also have another so-called medium size, namely 30×40 cm. This size is especially good if you want 3 posters in a row but only have limited with space. But the most normal size is 50×70 cm. This size is a good choice if you want to have 3 posters in a row, such as over your sofa or on the wall in one go.

Large posters
Since our posters are designed in a very high resolution, they are also razor sharp in the large size of 70×100 cm. As I said, this size is large, which naturally makes the subject easier to notice in the room. Although this is our largest size, it does well in the vast majority of homes, where it contributes both to the atmosphere and to creating a statement in the décor, precisely through the size.

By choosing the large size, you easily achieve a very simple, more graphic, expression in your décor. Further to this, one of the new trends is therefore also that it has become more and more modern to decorate your home with distinctive large posters in 70×100 cm. So, if you want to put an imprint in your home décor via posters, this can be done via the large size.

If you lack wall space for the very large size, but still want the effect from the large motifs, it has also become popular just to have them standing on the floor in a bold frame up against the wall or on a dresser, shelf, etc. Here it is only yourself and the imagination who draw the line.

You can get more inspiration, information and a better overview of the different sizes in our poster size guide.

Brainchild design posters on display at Formland

Choose the right poster frames

The right frame is always the icing on the cake. But which one should you choose? At Brainchild, you can of course buy quality frames for your posters – and not least choose the right sizes for your particular combination of posters.

Of course, we also frame the posters for you, so they are ready to hang on your wall in the chosen combination. It’s not going to get any easier.

Our frames are of the same high quality as our posters. They are available in solid oak in both light oak, dark oak and black painted oak. In addition, our frames are also available in brass-colored metal frames.

The frames can of course be purchased in the same sizes as the sizes in which our posters are available, so you avoid mistakes in frames altogether. Sizes A5, 30×40 and 50×70 are with real glass. Size 70×100 is with thick plexiglass.

Danish design posters from Brainchild

Black, white or colored posters

We have several poster motifs to choose from. Therefore, you have great opportunity to combine the posters in a unique way that suits your particular style and décor. For example, if you choose to combine 3 posters, you have over 50,000 different combination options!

One of the most popular combinations is: The Swan and the Egg with a black background, as well as the Cone with a white background. This composition is both classic and stylish and therefore fits into many homes and interiors.

But if you want a more prominent expression, another popular combination is to put together the Cone with a red background, The Egg with yellow background and the Swan with a kerosene blue background.

If, on the other hand, you like black and white in your décor better, we recommend choosing a composition with this as a background. For example, it could be the Snowdrops, the Egg and the Black Swan – all with a black background.
If you want a more minimalist expression with a white background, we recommend choosing The Boiler, Ant and Teddy Bear with a white background. Likewise, you can make a combination with posters in pastel colors or with a sand-colored background, which contributes peace of mind to the home. But again, these are just our recommendations and suggestions. You still have several thousand combination options to choose from and create a unique image wall.

Danish design poster with black swan

3 posters in a row – the classic combination of our posters

One of the most popular ways to hang our posters is to hang 3 posters in a row. A combination of 3 of our posters fits perfectly hanging on the wall of the living room above the sofa, on a wall for a longer hallway or hanging on the wall above the bed in the bedroom. Should you get tired of having 3 posters hanging in a row after some time, you can easily separate them and hang two posters on the wall in one room and one poster on the wall of another room. A purchase of 3 posters is a safe choice, which provides many different options for decorating the walls of your home.

The 3 posters are available in sizes 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 cm.


Need more inspiration for your poster wall? See our page with further inspiration on how you can combine and use our posters to create a poster wall.

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Size guide

Still unsure which poster sizes to choose for your poster wall? With our poster size guide, it will be easier for you to choose the right poster sizes for your poster wall.

Read the poster size guide

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