Brainchild – Poster – Design Sketches – Black – Swan

From $25,00

The idea for our new posters with the design sketches came when we designed The Egg Figurine and The Swan Figurine, in which connection we made some working drawings for the preparation of the wooden figures. We think the sketches themselves are decorative.


The poster with The Swan is printed on an exclusive and uncoated, high-quality art paper from Hahnemühle. We only print the posters when you order it. This means that you will always receive a brand new Brainchild poster printed specifically for you.

The poster needs a frame, which we also offer. When you buy the poster frames from us, you are sure to get just the right size frame for your Brainchild poster and we frame the poster for you. At Brainchild, we always frame the posters for you if you buy a frame for your poster. We frame the posters at no extra cost, and you will receive your new Brainchild poster, just to hang on the wall.

Our poster frames are available in: brass-coloured poster frames (also called ‘gold coloured aluminium’), nature oak, dark oak and black-painted oak. If you are not sure which frame type to choose for your Brainchild poster, we can recommend you the brass-colored poster frames. They give an exclusive look and fit all Brainchild motifs, and to most interior decorations. At Brainchild, we do not compromise on quality, which is why our poster frames, of course, are as good quality as our posters.

If you need inspiration on how the motif can be used in different picture walls with different motifs, compositions, frames, etc., you can be inspired here.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. At Brainchild, we always want to help you get to your goal, so you’ll end up with just the right combination of Brainchild posters, colors, sizes and poster frames.

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